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Arbroath Walking Football would like to say a massive thanks to Kevin Middleton from Arbroath FC Community Trust. Kevin is leaving the trust to set off on a new adventure.
Kevin and the trust were a big help when the club had nowhere to play.
Kevin was instrumental in starting up the walking football taster sessions. These sessions now also accommodate players who can’t attend the main walking football sessions, players of any age returning from injury or illness, and anyone looking to fill their spare time and get fit. A lot of Kevin’s work went on behind the scenes; we can’t even begin to imagine how crazy his WhatsApp chats, private messages and emails were. Some say he doesn’t sleep.
The trust also helped to strengthen ties between Arbroath Walking Football Club and Arbroath Football Club.
If you live up the Cliffburn end of town, you’d have been used to seeing Seaton Park (once home to Arbroath SC Junior football club) lying empty and covered in dog poo. This all changed quickly when Kevin and the trust took over. It was great to see the park thriving; kids who would have been lost to the game of football were playing again.
This wasn’t just a one day a week thing; it was every day, evenings as well. It wasn’t only the kids benefiting; adults of all ages were now using the park for games (including the old duffers from the walking football). There were, of course, other benefits and knock-on effects to all this new activity, not least a boost to the local shops. A defibrillator was installed at the park, and it wasn’t long before it was required, not by anyone using the park but someone near the shopping area.
Anyway, you all get the picture. We wish Kevin all the best on his new adventure, and we look forward to our continued affiliation with the trust and AFC.

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