WFS East Of Scotland Over 50s League

With Dunfermline Dynamos being unable to field a team, AWF was awarded a 3-0 win, as were the other teams scheduled to play them.
First up for AWF was Fairfield, a strong team, and manager Mckenzie elected to stick with a winning team.
AWF started with P. Bell in goals, P. Skelly and G. Smith in defence, K. Craib and A. Durno in midfield and S. Cargill up front. In reserve were W. Craib, D. Scott, S. Kear and A. Harrison.
AWF started strongly and looked the most likely to score, and after some good defending and fine attacking play, it was S. Cargill who finished with aplomb to make it 1-0.
The whole team were playing well, and a fine effort from Fairfield brought a great save from Bell.
AWF had the best chances, with Cargill, Craib and Smith keeping the Fairfield keeper busy.
With time running out, the Fairfield goalie misplaced a pass to Cargill, and he fired home to make it 2-0. W. Craib replaced Skelly and AWF finished the game as deserved winners.

There was a long wait for the next game against Fife Wanderers, and manager Mckenzie retained the same starting team.
AWF started on the front foot and was soon on the ascendancy with some good link-up play between K. Craib and Cargill, K Craib opening the scoring with a well-placed strike.
G. Smith then showed his prowess to make it 2-0 as AWF piled on the pressure. K Craib curled in a superb strike to make it 3-0.
AWF continued to press, and G.Smith finished smoothly to make it 4-0. Fife Wanderers snatched a goal to make it 4-1, but G. Smith thundered in a shot from a distance to make 5-1 as AWF finished the game strongly.

The last game was a friendly between Crieff Juniors, and manager Mckenzie started those who hadn’t played in the previous games, with Bell remaining in goals and veteran Durno retaining his place.
AWF looked a bit disjointed with the changes and struggled to find any rhythm in the game, with Crieff looking the stronger of the two sides.
Crieff quickly punished some slack passing and raced to a 2-0 lead. AWF had a few chances to get on the scoresheet and a Smith corner setup Harrison whose shot hit the post and went out for a goal kick.
Crieff had a pacey attack and capitalised on errors to run out comfortable winners 5-0. However, AWF achieved their goal of winning their two league games today, as they stay in contention at the top of the table.


Match report By Allan (Hatchet) Harrison.

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