Meet the team

Mike Muir
Club Secretary

Co-founder Mike was a keen sunday league player until work, family, age and lumbago prevented him from doing so any further. When he's not sampling real ale in the pub, Mike can be found sampling real ale at home.

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Jim McNairn

Co-founder Jim was a hammer thrower in the sunday league for a number of years. When he's not eating pies or supping ale, Jim can usually be found looking in shop windows at the many things he can't afford.

Allan Harrison
Vice Chairman

Allan Has been playing football since he was a sprog. Allan still has the occasional game of proper football and has kept himself quite fit. When he's not doing anything football related, Allan likes to watch Time Team.

Darin Bell
Publicity Officer

Darin has Played football from an early age. He started out as a goalkeeper with Rancel and ended up as star player for the Spiral youth club. Away from football, Darin loves to play golf and help people out. An all round good guy.

Dave Milne
Match Secretary

Dave (the goal) Milne has Played football at all levels. Currently AWFs top scorers and doesnt look like this will change any time soon. Away from football, Dave likes to relax by watching football

Mike Burnett
Club Captain

Mike has been a fan of the mighty Arbroath FC since he was a toddler. Not much has changed, as he still does a lot of greetin' at the games. Away from football, Mike likes to relax with the occasional pint of vodka and coke. All joking aside, Mike is a great lad to have as our club captain.

Sye Webster
Event Organiser

Arbroath FC super fan, Sye (36-0) Webster, has been a keen amateur player all his days. Once banned for a season from Stadio Gayf, Sye now considers himself a better man. When he's not at Gayfiled, Sye can be found in any local drinking establishment giving talks about the dangers of alcohol.